1) Always insure yourself at and early age

2) Insure all members of your Family

3) Always take a policy which gives money back option

4) Always take a Term Insurance for lower premium

5) Take insurance up to 15 times of your income

6) Always pay premium on time

7) Always spread your risk with different type of plan

8) when your policy Matura's there must be a company to pay you. Always buy insurance from a reputed Company as insurance is always for a longer period.

9) Check the companies claim settlement ratio.

10) Always nominate your nearest relative

11) Death is certain, so Insure today and get secure.

If life insurance buying is approached in the proper manner it can be very beneficial to yourself and your family. You need to take the time to give some thought to a subject that can be very unpleasant. I guess that is why most people don't think about it, or at best think about it only after they have had a brush with death, or when a life insurance professional brings up the subject. Sometimes these people wait until it is too late to do something about such a critical matter.

They find themselves uninsurable when they discover they have some critical illness. People should give life insurance buying serious thought at least once per year as ones situation may change and you find that your need for life insurance may change as a result.
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Disclosure: Client should read the Risk Disclosure Document issued by SEBI & relevant exchanges and the disclaimer on before investing.